Hard Surface Models

This is a selection of projects created entirely in 3ds Max using various Sub-division modelling techniques.

The first project is a Kurtis Kraft Midget Race car from the 1940's, once the high poly is complete, I plan to re-topologies and bake down the asset to make it compatible with current game engines, then create textures using a mixture of the Quixel Suite and Substance Painter.

The second project is a Marconi Mark II television camera head from 1951, I saw one of these in the Science museum in London, and decided it would be a fun hard surface project to create.

The third is a US Mailbox that was used to help demonstrate sub-division modelling techniques for my students.

Close up of the front suspension, wheel, brake drums and steering mechanism.

Kurtis Kraft Midget Race Car - Current Progress

Kurtis Kraft Midget Race Car Driveline work

A small selection of some of the references that were sourced to help with the creation of the model.

Close up of the cockpit area showing the steering wheel and column steering mechanism.

Close up of the exhaust.

Marconi Mark II television camera head, 1951

Marconi Mark II - Font Detail

Marconi Mark II - Rear detail and some reference images

US Mailbox