Wreck'em Racing - Game

Wreck'em Racing is a 2D top down desert racing game. Its available on Google Play and The App Store.

I was the game artist and was responsible for creating all of the artwork and branding for the game. I also created the trailer & website that can be seen below.

The game has special challenges with unique props, like targets to blow up, and barriers to avoid.

All of the cars could be customised, not only the body shell but the chassis itself could be altered to change the handling of the car. They also had various components, from bumpers, spikes, armour etc.. and could change the colour of their paint work using RGB.

The player had the option to purchase powerups to use while racing, each had its own wacky animation.

I created all the track pieces as each tile, so the developer could plug them into his custom track generator so each time the game is played a new track is created. All of the tiles had to work with each other seamlessly so no obvious borders between the tiles could be seen.

This is a trailer I cut together using in game footage.